A Note from our Director – January 2017

Welcome to 1917, a year that will bring America into the global conflict of the Great War and turn Nebraska into a dry state in the years before national prohibition. It was a time when championing women’s suffrage
is taking place and both challenges and achievements are in the realm of labor in America. The era encounters the Red Scare and the Spanish Flu. It’s an exciting and tumultuous time, that one hundred years later, we’ve seemingly forgotten about.

Nov 1916 Papillion Times
The museum is planning to host an exhibit on World War I in the fall to coincide with America’s entry into the conflict. We’re calling on the community to help share with us any documents, photographs, stories, uniforms, or anything else related to the men and women involved during the “War To End All Wars.” If you have anything to share – no matter how big or small, please contact us at: (402) 292-1880 or director@sarpymuseum.org.

As we enter 2017, I encourage you to join us at any of our dynamic programs, view our exhibits, and drop in at anytime to visit. Thank you for supporting your local history museum last year. We’re grateful that you did and hopeful that you will remain steadfast to support the cause of keeping history alive as we continue into the future

See you at the museum,
Ben Justman
Executive Director