Ralph Hanes

Ralph HainesThe obituary for Ralph Daniel Hanes describes him as a “splendid specimen of manhood, a husky, stalwart young man” who was “thoughtful” and “friendly.” Ralph died on January 2, 1945, at the tender age of 23 from wounds received during the Battle of the Bulge. He left behind a young widow, Mildred Treska, and a young daughter, Beverly Jean.

Ralph was born on July 17, 1920 in Springfield, Nebraska. He was the son of Russell and Ida Hanes and he had two sisters- Grace and Ruby. After graduating from Springfield High School, he worked for the Omaha World Herald and Corby Transfer Company.   Ralph married Mildred, daughter of Anton and Marie Treska. In November 1942, they welcomed daughter Beverly Jean. The following month, Ralph entered the service.

Ralph trained with the 14th Armored Training Division at Camp Chaffee in Arkansas and at Fort Campbell in Kentucky. In October of 1944, he was sent overseas, as a corporal with an Armored Division of the 7th Army. On January 1, 1944 Haines was injured during the Battle of the Bulge. He died the next day. Memorial services were held at the Methodist Church in Springfield. In June of 1948, his body was at long last returned to Springfield for burial. Full military rites were given as he was laid to rest at the Fairview Cemetery.